Eating disorders are awful, terrible things, and I’ve been dealing with one since age twelve.  At 21, I finally decided to end the struggle, and get Ed out of my life for good.  Recovery is possible, and worth it.

This is my blog, documenting my own recovery process.


4 thoughts on “emma

  1. SoleHouse says:

    I am 22 and struggle just like you but the most important thing is that we WANT to get better! We just have to keep challenging and pushing 🙂


    • emvardz says:

      So true! I think one of the most important keys to recovery is wanting to get better! When I was younger I was forced into treatment and “recovered” against my will, and it really didn’t help me at all. It’s all different now that it’s my choice, and I really believe I can beat ED this time (and so can you)!! 🙂 Stay strong, you can do it!


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